Wardrobe Secret #1

Wardrobe Secrets – The understated joy of the Comfort Jumper…

The Comfort Jumper
Every wardrobe has one – and here is mine!     I wear it back to front, inside out or the right way round. Over my pj’s on a chilly morning to make the breakfast; under a coat to pop to the supermarket; with jeans and thick socks to hang around the house. 

This one came originally from Zadig & Voltaire and  it has the added joy of having the word ‘Happiness’ in pink printed across the back – additional emotional warmth factor. 

In its heyday I wore it everywhere. With smart black trousers, with shorts on holiday, even with a tulle evening skirt and knee-high black boots. But its days of parading around London, parties and restaurants are over. The wool is permanently creased. The sleeves are so torn I struggle to get my hands through the ends, and there are holes under the arms and on the shoulders. 

I can buy another one, I know, but in its current role it’s completely irreplaceable. 

Divorce takes its toll. Sleepless nights, anxiety, stress…. today is a Comfort Jumper day…. a day to relax, rest and get some sartorial headspace. 

Bring on Friday… x