Why Am I Doing This?!…

Why have I decided not to buy any new clothes for a year?!…

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This was the question I asked myself yesterday.  I was feeling low.  I’m practically a single mother, and two weeks of half term with 4-5 semi-teenage boys in the house (my own three, plus nephew, plus french friend ‘learning english’) is pretty hard work!  I’ve started my blog; unsubscribed from various emails to avoid shopping temptation; edited my coats; and purchased an elongated selfie stick with which to take some ‘totally amazing’ photos of the abundance already in my wardrobe – and what I really wanted to do, yesterday, was buy myself a new dress! Continue reading “Why Am I Doing This?!…”

The Coat Edit

‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing’.. time for the Coat Edit.

According to the lollipop lady (or should I say, ‘school crossing patrol officer’) at my youngest son’s school, ‘we’re in for a bad winter’!


By ‘bad’ I think she means a lot of snow and associated traffic disruption, which is understandably not great news for a crossing patrol officer.  But it seems to me, that as soon as the temperature drops and we see signs of proper, chilly weather – someone generally says ‘we’re in for a bad winter’.  Maybe they’ve read something in the press? Or seen an article online, broadcasting weather-related doom for us all… and I guess they have a 50% chance of being right?

However, my grandmother always said ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing’…. and I think she had a point…..  which makes it time to consider ‘The Coat Edit’. Continue reading “The Coat Edit”

Kicking the Shopping Habit – Wk 4 (and counting!)

One month, so far, without buying any clothes – it’s a hard habit to kick!

So far, I have managed to survive a month without buying any new clothes.  I admit, I have been tempted.  I fell in love with a pair of boots in Other Stories last week (black Leather Snow Boots with a heavenly, faux fur lining), and suggested to my youngest son that he went into town with my credit card and pin number, and bought mum ‘a little treat’?!

I also went as far as putting a black Uniqlo down jacket into my basket, online.  It sat there for a while, calling to me in all its lightweight, simple, puffy glory – until I regained control and closed the page and logged out of my PC.

How does it feel?  Continue reading “Kicking the Shopping Habit – Wk 4 (and counting!)”

Fashion is Rubbish?…

Have you ever thought where your old or unwanted clothes end up?…

It’s Wednesday, and this morning one of those little charity envelopes, containing a large plastic clothes bag, dropped through the letter box.  Another kick up the backside to get on with my wardrobe edit!  How easy is this method of disposing of unwanted clothing?! All I have to do is put everything I no longer want, need or wear into the bag and take it to the front gate.  Bingo – gone by lunchtime! I don’t really mind which charity takes my clothes, although I have ‘favourites’ like everyone else, based on my own life experience (Meningitis Now or Parkinsons UK, please).  But if we don’t recycle our clothes, where do they actually go to?
According to an article in The Guardian in April, 235m items of unwanted clothing, from the UK alone, were expected to end up in landfill this year, as a result of our annual wardrobe spring clean.  Yes, 235 million… that’s a lot of clothing!

Why don’t we routinely donate our things to charity? Continue reading “Fashion is Rubbish?…”


Wearing yellow – how does is make you feel?!

So, the nights are drawing in and the temperature is dropping and I found myself curiously drawn towards the (very few) yellow items in my wardrobe.

Not a summery, sunshine yellow – the sweater, trousers and dress that I have are more a rich, autumnal yellow.

According to colourtherapyhealing.com, yellow is the colour of self worth and is a reflection of how we see ourselves and how we think others see us. Continue reading “Yellow…”

Wardrobe Secret #1

Wardrobe Secrets – The understated joy of the Comfort Jumper…

The Comfort Jumper
Every wardrobe has one – and here is mine!     I wear it back to front, inside out or the right way round. Over my pj’s on a chilly morning to make the breakfast; under a coat to pop to the supermarket; with jeans and thick socks to hang around the house. 

This one came originally from Zadig & Voltaire and  it has the added joy of having the word ‘Happiness’ in pink printed across the back – additional emotional warmth factor. 

In its heyday I wore it everywhere. With smart black trousers, with shorts on holiday, even with a tulle evening skirt and knee-high black boots. But its days of parading around London, parties and restaurants are over. The wool is permanently creased. The sleeves are so torn I struggle to get my hands through the ends, and there are holes under the arms and on the shoulders. 

I can buy another one, I know, but in its current role it’s completely irreplaceable. 

Divorce takes its toll. Sleepless nights, anxiety, stress…. today is a Comfort Jumper day…. a day to relax, rest and get some sartorial headspace. 

Bring on Friday… x

The Wardrobe Challenge…

Out with the old, but NOT in with the new.. a journey of rediscovery through my own wardrobe….


But, I have set myself a personal challenge – not to buy any new clothes or shoes for a year!

There are three main reasons behind my decision:-

  1. My wardrobe is overflowing!  I have clothes that I have bought, that have been given to me by stylish friends, and things that I have inherited from my grandmother and my mother.  I have no doubt I have over-shopped in the past, particularly during times of stress or emotional upheaval.  But, I do love my clothes and I hate throwing things away!
  2. I am a qualified solicitor and for several years I practised Environmental Law.  I have a Masters degree in Waste Management (yes, a qualification in rubbish!), and an increasing awareness that fast, throwaway fashion is not sustainable.  I’m thinking about responsible sourcing and ultimately where my clothes are disposed of.
  3. I’m single again. Having spent many years seeing clients through emotional ups and downs, editing their wardrobes and bolstering their self-image,  its time to rediscover Me and my own personal style.


I believe that everything I need is already hanging in front of me or is tucked away in the darkest recesses of drawers and cupboards.

I’m going to take out all my favourite clothes and actually wear them,

Where necessary, I will have clothing tailored; I reserve the right to buy new underwear(!); and I have my eye on one or two items in my teenage children’s wardrobes that I will call on if and when necessary!

I might not be shopping for myself, but I will always follow fashion, and in my blog I will keep you updated on current trends and fashion news and ideas.  I also intend to compile a Wish List of things I would be buying, if I could!…

The prospect of not shopping for clothes feels surprisingly liberating and exciting.  No more financial guilt;  no more panic-buying for a last minute event.

I hope you will follow me on my journey – and I hope to inspire you to recycle, reuse and revamp the clothes you already have and in doing so, discover your own unique style.