A Stumble, A Pause …..and a Little Holiday.

This December, I needed a little break….

It turns out I didn’t feel that sparkly during Advent despite my best intentions?! The reality was slightly different to the gloss!

I was unwell in December, and then I had one of those little ‘health scares’ that seem to be a part of mid-life. All fine now, I’m pleased to report.

I also attended the funeral of a dear friend at the beginning of December, which was both the most beautiful service I have ever been part of and at the same time one of the most heart breaking.

Add to this, hosting the Year 7 School Xmas Drinks Party (seemed like a good idea back in October?!), legal wrangling over ownership of the original family home, organising Christmas for my three children, and the usual end of term Carol concerts/school play/music concert, (and the occasional glass of wine with friends, obvs!)…and I ran out of sparkle by about 12th December!

Funnily enough, Re-working My Wardrobe and shopping wisely were really not at the forefront of my mind(!) and Updating my Blog suddenly felt like an added pressure rather than the usual creative outlet. So I put down my proverbial pen for a couple of weeks.

And I booked a little holiday!

I truly thought .. ‘what the Hell, life’s too short’ and so last week I flew to New York with my three boys for five days.

It was a brilliant holiday – just what I needed – the stories and pics will follow in a later Post!

Just in case you’re interested, I’m re-working a black cashmere hoody and vintage jeans today… perfect for a day at home wrapping presents and writing cards to hand deliver to neighbours.

Happy 21st December,


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