Advent Sparkle!

….I am going to wear at least one item of ‘bling’ from my wardrobe every day until Christmas!

Not long now?! Advent starts in two days, and then it’s here – the ‘Christmas Build Up’!  From the 1st December onwards I intend to listen to all my favourite Christmas music (‘Now’ Christmas Album, of course – few things can top singing along to Maria Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas,’ whilst prepping dinner?); eat mince pies at every possible opportunity (I have already had several, but don’t tell anyone); and fill my house with as many fairy lights as is humanly possible!

In addition, this year, I intend to ‘self-sparkle’! Yes, that is a made-up term.  I don’t mean metaphorically, (although it has to be said, I can be quite good company) but I mean quite literally.  I have fished out of my wardrobe everything that is vaguely or fabulously sparkly, sequinned or has a silver sheen and I am going to wear at least one item of ‘bling’ every day until Christmas. A gold skirt, a spangly jumper, glittery socks or a completely over the top necklace.  I’m getting it on, it’s Christmas after all!

I recently went to see Bananarama in concert with friends and we dressed up with an 80’s vibe. (This, despite the fact that Bananarama now in fact look cool, contemporary and very chic). Neon pink leg warmers, black lace finger-less gloves, beads, hair ribbons. It reminded me of the pleasure in really dressing up.

If you have time this week, take a look through your own wardrobe, and take out everything that sparkles, glitters or makes you feel fabulous, for advent.  You can wear the same thing twice – there are no rules, and no-one’s keeping count?!  If you’re struggling to find spangly clothes, you could always wear jewelry? Or even just glittery nail polish?!

Love your clothes this December – especially the ‘seasonal’ ones – and wear them! Here’s to becoming a human advent calendar….. x

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