I can resist everything, except temptation?…

Pre-Christmas discounts and private sales are very hard to resist..!

Has anyone else noticed the number of Sales that are taking place this weekend? Or the amount of attractive discount emails that drop incessantly into your Inbox at this time of year? Zadig and Voltaire; Bimba y Lola; Katherine Hamnett; Finery London to name but a few.

It used to be that the ‘Christmas Sales’ happened in January. Then you could take your Christmas money, and the vouchers that Great Aunt Maud had given to you, jump on the 312 bus into town – and go and buy anything that Santa had ‘forgotten’ to put in your Stocking.

In later years, January was a time to buy that winter coat or longed-for boots, ready for next year.

November, on the other hand, was a time for saving money, making a comprehensive gift list, and deciding which shop you would go into according to what you wanted to buy?!

Fast forward to now, and the Xmas shopping urge, which seems to be encouraged by the retail sector from the minute the Halloween pumpkin candles burn out.

Like many people (I’m sure?!) I now find myself magnetically drawn towards the ‘Private Sales 40% Off’ (or similar) signs, hanging alluringly underneath twinkly lights and festive window decorations, up and down the high street.

Once in the shop, I then get a kind of shopping blindness. Clothes, shoes, accessories – that little coloured dot affixed to the price tag to let you know the size of the discount. There must be something here for my sister for Xmas? Or my niece? Or my best friend?I make a quick mental review of my diary – anyone’s birthday coming up in the next three months?! House-warming? New baby?!

God forbid, I should leave this boutique without actually taking advantage of their kind, generous offer? Talk about staring down the proverbial gift-horse?!… Maybe there’s something here that I really should buy for myself – because by next week it’s going to cost a lot more, and I might really, really need it?….

The generosity and kindness of the discount, not to mention the smiling encouragement of the beautifully clad shop assistant, are almost impossible to resist, even by the toughest of us.

So steel yourselves, fellow shoppers – and remember, if you didn’t want it in the first place and had absolutely no intention of buying it – it isn’t really a bargain?!

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