Why Am I Doing This?!…

Why have I decided not to buy any new clothes for a year?!…

question mark

This was the question I asked myself yesterday.  I was feeling low.  I’m practically a single mother, and two weeks of half term with 4-5 semi-teenage boys in the house (my own three, plus nephew, plus french friend ‘learning english’) is pretty hard work!  I’ve started my blog; unsubscribed from various emails to avoid shopping temptation; edited my coats; and purchased an elongated selfie stick with which to take some ‘totally amazing’ photos of the abundance already in my wardrobe – and what I really wanted to do, yesterday, was buy myself a new dress!I realised things had hit a low point when I threw the remains of the apple I was eating at my oldest son, in frustrated anger at his apparent cheek.  Long story – no need to go there, (I have apologised profusely) but I was actually quite surprised at my aim – it must have been the adrenalin!?

So, today, I decided to indulge in some ‘self care’ as one of my best friends calls it.  I booked tickets to the cinema and went to see ‘The Party’.  Brilliant film  – I love Kristen Scott-Thomas and Timothy Spall was excellent too.  And I know it’s only a film, but it definitely put my domestic issues into perspective! If you haven’t already seen it, I can highly recommend it.

the party

Then I booked a facial – an absolute treat.  An hour of having my face scrubbed, cleansed and massaged was sheer bliss.  I don’t have a facial very often, but whenever I do, I vow to book one on a regular basis in the future.

This was swiftly followed by a full leg and bikini wax.  I know – that isn’t exactly indulgence, but for me waxing comes into the category of ‘necessary but still involves lying horizontal on a comfortable bed and removing my shoes’ – so that counts!  I lay down with the usual instructions (‘if it moves, wax it…’) and enjoyed a further 40 minutes of relative relaxation!

Not my actual legs….

And I feel so much better as a result.

NOTE TO SELF – I don’t need any new clothes; I am saving money; I am helping to save the planet; I’m breaking a pointless cycle of shopping; I am becoming more creative.

So – I’m back on the ‘no shopping’ wagon….for now….. Watch this space!

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