Kicking the Shopping Habit – Wk 4 (and counting!)

One month, so far, without buying any clothes – it’s a hard habit to kick!

So far, I have managed to survive a month without buying any new clothes.  I admit, I have been tempted.  I fell in love with a pair of boots in Other Stories last week (black Leather Snow Boots with a heavenly, faux fur lining), and suggested to my youngest son that he went into town with my credit card and pin number, and bought mum ‘a little treat’?!

I also went as far as putting a black Uniqlo down jacket into my basket, online.  It sat there for a while, calling to me in all its lightweight, simple, puffy glory – until I regained control and closed the page and logged out of my PC.

How does it feel?  Honestly – 12 months now seems an eternity!  Did I say that, obviously,  I’m allowed to receive gifts, for Christmas and my birthday and also for any random reason?  (Especially if said gift is in the form of Lurdes Bergada’s copper coated jersey skirt, perfect for almost any occasion, or the ‘elegant ease pullover’ from Dorothee Schumacher, on Ledbury Road?..)

It’s Sunday and I’m meeting a friend on the Kings Road later.  Ostensibly for a  catch up over a cup of tea, (end of half term – nerves are frayed) – but I’m going to have to walk past all those shops and boutiques on my way from the tube….

Maybe I’ll leave my credit card at home, arrive with no time to spare, and just take enough money for a pot of English breakfast tea and a large slice of cake!


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